Scrylight 0

Scrylight: An Augmented Reality Ghost Hunt Horror Experience

Developed by: Spectropia Studios Kickstarter Launch : October 10th 2023. The Story In 1842, Occultist Jeremiah Scry wrote his illicit publication ‘The Book of Scry’, his own personal methods of allowing the living...

Epistolary Horror: Told in Despatches by Lee Murray 0

Epistolary Horror: Told in Despatches by Lee Murray

Discover the allure of epistolary horror, a genre that brings authenticity to storytelling by using letters, diaries, and other documents. Lee Murray explores this captivating form in her works, including her latest cosmic horror novella, Despatches. Don’t miss out on this outstanding historical horror experience.

Bait: A Badgers Crossing by Paul Childs 0

A Review of “Bait: A Badgers Crossing”

Discover the captivating world of Badgers Crossing in Paul Childs’ “Bait: A Badgers Crossing.” With supernatural elements and relatable characters, this novella promises an enchanting adventure. #supernaturalfiction #mustread