Welcome to the horror book reviews category for The Ginger Nuts of Horror Website.  We have a dedicated team of horror reviewers with a vast wealth of experience in reviewing all types of horror novels; the Ginger Nuits of Horror Review Website is the perfect place to get your fix of the good, the great and the ugly in horror fiction.

If you want to get one of your horror books reviewed by the team, please drop by our contact page, which has all the details about submitting your work for review consideration.  Please take note that despite having a team of reviewers, we can not possibly hope to review everything that comes in for review.

“I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Jim at Ginger Nuts of Horror for eight years now; Jim is my go-to horror person in the UK. He is a vital part of the community, and whether it’s thoughtful reviews, engaging interviews, or exclusive features, I know that my authors and their books are in good hands with Jim and that the content is going straight to the community we want to see it. On a personal level, the site has definitely led to book purchases and film watches based on reviews and features from Ginger Nuts of Horror.” –  Lydia Gittins, senior publicist.

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