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Mathew Gostelow 0

Mathew Gostelow

BIOMathew Gostelow (he/him) is a dad, husband, and writer, living in Birmingham, UK. Some days he wakes early and writes strange tales. If you catch him staring into space, he is either thinking about...

Interview with John Hornor Jacobs HORROR INTERVIEW.png 0

Interview with John Hornor Jacobs

 I’m old enough to remember when I could – for the most part – read or be aware of almost every science fiction, fantasy, and horror novel, movie, or comic being published. Now, that’s...

Anthony Ferguson is Resting in Pieces HORROR INTERVIEW.jpg 1

Anthony Ferguson is Resting in Pieces

Anthony Ferguson is an author and editor living in Perth, Australia. He has published over seventy short stories and non-fiction articles in Australia, Britain and the United States. He wrote the novel Protégé, the...


Nathan Ballingrud a Horror Author Interview

How Nathan Ballingrud came to have a Strange new life “Mars, to me, was a wildly romantic place. It was a countryside of the imagination.” Today we have an exclusive Interview with Shirley Jackson...