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Saw X. Is it Tenth Time The Charm? HORROR MOVIE REVIEW 0

Saw X. Is it Tenth Time The Charm?

Saw X A Horror Movie Review by Hope Madden Whenever someone states specifically that they do not like horror movies, there is a better than average chance they’ll namedrop Saw as what’s wrong with the genre....

The Knocking (2022) 0

The Knocking

Discover the atmospheric horror film, “The Knocking,” directed by Joonas Pajunen and Max Seeck. Follow three siblings as they uncover the dark secrets of their late parents’ house in the eerie forest. Read Mark Walker’s review for a thrilling insight. #HorrorMovies #FilmReview

London Goring: Frightfest 2022 By David and Tara Court 0

London Goring: Frightfest 2023

London Goring: Frightfest 2023 By David and Tara Court The August Bank Holiday can only mean one thing: hordes of ravenous horror fans descending on Leicester Square for the horror movie festival Frightfest, now...


Perpetrator, Horror Movie Review

Reeder’s interested in the way women are raised to disregard one another, to compete with each other, to be adored and consumed, sexualized, victimized and vilified. Her reaction to this environment amounts to a...

Chad Gets The Axe (2022) HORROR MOVIE REVIEW 0

Chad Gets The Axe (2022)

Chad gets the Axe is a fun swipe at social media popularity and the toxicity of the internet, with a modern-day satanic cult thrown in for good measure. While it is not overly scary...

Brightwood horror movie review 0

Brightwood, Horror Movie Review

Brightwood is a clever addition to the time travel subgenre. Instead of getting lost in the mechanics of paradoxes and and alternate timelines, the film wisely keeps its eye on the two characters experiencing this...

Alone at Night (2022) HORROR MOVIE REVIEW 0

Alone at Night (2022)

It tries to do something clever but doesn’t quite manage it because I am not sure what that was. The plot felt lazy and repetitive and, while I could have gotten over that with...