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Welcome to the contact page for The Ginger Nuts of Horror, here you will find all of the information needed to feature on the website.

The Ginger Nuts of Horror Website can promote your horror product, from news items, interviews, reviews and guest posts we offer a wide range of options that can be customized to your needs. Check out the listings below for full details on how to submit your horror product for review, and all of the other ways that you can feature on the website to promote your horror product. Please be aware that despite having a dedicated team of reviewers, we are currently running behind on our review requests.

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Review Requests

When submitting a review request please include the information listed below. Please do not send any books for review unless previously agreed with GNoH. We can’t review everything and would hate for you to waste money. If you prefer you can also email us directly by sending a request to ji*******@gn********.com

Type of Product (Book Film, Comic, etc) 
Number of Pages 
Brief back cover synopsis
Amazon Link / Website Link 

News Items

If you would like to feature in our news section please send us an email containing all the relevant information, including any links you wish us to use in the article.  Please attach all images as separate files to the email.  If possible please do not send PDF files.  Mark the email as GNOH News Item Request Email the request to ji*******@gn********.com


Ginger Nuts of Horror offers some guest post opportunities from interviews, full details of the types of features that we offer can be found below along with a standardised template for each feature.  

As with the guest reviews, we will support your article with a set of backlinks to your website / Amazon author page, plus a cover shot and the synopsis of your book/film and a universal purchasing link that will take the readers to the correct online store for their country.  

At the end of the article, please add a brief bio of yourself, an author photo and any links to the product that you wish us to promote. 

Below we list and have a brief description of the different series of articles and interviews that we have on the site, we have also included a set of standardised templates, that will allow us to process and format the articles as efficiently as we can.  We are also open to articles that don’t fit into the series below, please contact us if you have any ideas for guest posts that best suit your needs to promote your work.  

Please email the completed articles to 


This a series of topic headings that allow you to discuss the films and books that helped to shape your love for the horror genre.  


Our Five Minutes With Interview series is designed so you can promote both yourself as a horror creator and your latest work. 


This is kind of like that silly game Snog Marry or Kill, where you are given the opportunity to talk about something that you love about the genre (The Good), something you don’t like about the genre (The Bad) and something that you wish you could expel from the genre for all time (The Ugly) 


This series of articles is designed for you to discuss fully the one book, film, comic or album that had the biggest impact on you as a fan or creator of horror.  


This series of articles is designed so you can discuss the things that scared you as a child and how they now manifest as part of your life as a horror creator or fan. 


This is a series of articles looking at how mental health can affect a writer, how writers portray mental health in their work,  books or films for other creators that handle these issues well, and common misconceptions.  We are looking at the whole spectrum from depression, anxiety, imposter syndrome, writer’s block and all other aspects.  


We are always open to hosting any article that doesn’t fit into our article series, such as Top Tens, writing guides, guest reviews of books or films, or any other article that takes your fancy. 


This is a new, hopefully fun short interview template, where you imagine you are trapped in a series of horror books and films, it’s meant to be a lighthearted way to talk about the thing you want to promote without directly talking about it.  

How to Help The Ginger Nuts of Horror Website

Ginger Nuts of Horror needs your help to spread all of the news, horror author interviews and horror fiction reviews featured here.  The reason for this is simple, the more you spread our articles around, the larger the audience will be, which hopefully should mean more sales for the authors featured here.  

We also appreciate any shares on social media and have included two ways on every article in which you can do this by simply clicking a button.  We also ask that if you are featured on the site, please consider, placing a link on your own website to your respective article.  

While Ginger Nuts of Horror is a passion site, it does cost a serious amount of money and time to keep the site running, if you enjoy what we do please consider supporting us by offering a donation via our Ko-Fi account

Ginger Nuts of Horror is always on the lookout for new contributors, if you would like to become one of the review team, with access to books, films and invites to film premiers then please get in contact by clicking the button below 

Ginger Nuts of Horror is one of the premium sites dedicated to the coverage of the horror genre.  

We offer reviews of books, films, and comics. toys video games and all other manner of horror-related products.  Submission of a review request does not guarantee a review.  While we may be large in reach, we are small in staff, all of whom hold down full-time jobs.  We strive to review as much as we can, but sadly, we cannot review everything.

Before submitting your review request please read our review policy which can be found further down on this page.  

While reviews may feel like the Golden Grail in getting your product noticed, there are other, sometimes more efficient ways in which to get people to notice your work.  

Ginger Nuts of Horror offers some different ways in which we can help to promote you and your work.