Death in the Mouth: Original Horror from the Margins

Death in the Mouth: Original Horror from the Margins

Cartoonist and writer Sloane Leong and writer Cassie Hart have partnered to launch a Backerkit campaign for DEATH IN THE MOUTH, a horror anthology showcasing BIPOC and other ethnically marginalized writers and artists from around the world. It will feature twenty prose stories spanning the distant past to the far future, real and fictive worlds, all while exploring new and unique manifestations of horror. Each story will also be accompanied by an original black and white illustration by a unique artist.

We’ve invited authors like Sascha Stronach, Jeeyon Shim, Richard Van Camp, Erika T. Wurth, Nadia Bulkin, JAW McCarthy, Ana Hurtado, Paula D. Ashe and more to contribute stories.

Our artists include Anand Radhakrishnan, Max Banshees, Rosío Airén, Eli Minaya, Tiffany Turrill-Gourdin, Julie Benbassat, Daylen Seu, Sloane Hong, Leslé Kieu, Makoto Chi and more! We also anticipate welcoming many new and underrepresented authors and artists through our open call.

Feast your eyes on images that will awe and disturb. Feel the scrabble of insect-like feet at the back of your neck as you read tales of woe and suffering. Let them burrow inside you. Allow the lines between reality and fantasy to blur. Answer the call when creatures beckon, luring you into worlds you have never glimpsed at before.

We’re excited to support more BIPOC authors and artists while also getting this book directly to the wonderful readers we know are out there, all wrapped up in another visually stunning volume.

Praise for Death in the Mouth Volume 1:

“Death in the Mouth delivers stories I’d never heard but that I recognized in my marrow. The anthology crawled under my skin from the first page, but I welcome this haunt—it’s too raw and true to resist.” – Emma Mieko Candon, author of The Archive Undying

“Editors Sloane Leong and Cassie Hart have put together a phenomenal collection with Death In The Mouth, and one that I recommend adding to your horror library immediately. The variety of artwork and writing is outstanding; after every story I was driven to see what the next would bring, what chilling illustration would get its teeth this time (and insistently pull me forward), truly making this a book that is difficult to put down once you begin. A fantastic anthology that matches dreamy, horrifying, haunting and razor sharp stories with illustrations that heighten the horror every time.” – Emily Carroll, author of Through the Woods and When I Arrived at the Castle

“Each story offers a unique experience as we travel through vividly realized locations. Unsettling and thought-provoking.” – Pseudopod

Death in the Mouth Volume 2 is now available for preorder on Backerkit!

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