Horror Feature – Kevin Bachar Takes a Bite at Jaws

Nov 7, 2023
Kevin Bachar Takes a Bite at Jaws

Horror Feature – The Film That Made M – Kevin Bachar Takes a Bite at Jaws

I’ve read hundreds of books, and probably seen thousands of movies, but the one that stands out among them all is a little thriller/horror film you might have seen called Jaws.

Now, there is some question as to whether Jaws is a horror film, but if you’ve ever seen it in a theatre and heard the shrieks and screams that accompany a showing, you know there is no question that it’s a horror film.

It has all the elements of a great scary story. The antagonist is a mostly unseen evil entity causing fear and carnage. The film is filled with tension, who can forget that music, and it has numerous ‘jump scares’ that I already mentioned, have the audience screaming.

The last third of the film that takes place on Quint’s boat the Orca, is basically a pretty classic trope of people trapped in a haunted house being picked off one-by-one by the ghost or demon, or in this case the scariest monster in movie history. Some might claim that the creature in the movie Alien is scarier, but because a great white shark is real, I think it makes it much more frightening.

The movie had such a profound effect on me that I became fascinated by sharks, so much so that I became a wildlife documentary filmmaker who specializes in shark films. If you watched Shark Week or Shark Fest you’ve watched my docs. Although, in my movies, I try to get you to love the sharks, instead of terrifying you. I want you to understand these incredible animals, and accept them for what they are, one of nature’s most supreme predators that ever existed on this planet.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why people are terrified of sharks, the natural world is full of scary things and places. My short story collection DREAD, looks at this fear, as I interweave elements of the natural world with the supernatural. I’m not trying to keep you from going on a hike or swimming, I just want you to look out at that mountain or ocean and wonder – What if?

Dread: 22 Tales of Terror (Nights of Madness Book 1) by Kevin Bachar

Dread: 22 Tales of Terror (Nights of Madness Book 1) by Kevin Bachar

A child died in an avalanche, and she won’t leave me alone.

A woman plagued by blood-draining mosquitoes on the Alaskan tundra figures out a horrific way to scratch her unending itching.

There’s something outside my tent…and I think it’s hungry.

A collector of rare tropical fish, receives a new species that is both fascinating and terrifying.

DREAD – Thousands of people have gone missing out in the wild and here is a collection of tales that offer up some horrifying reasons why. Emmy-award-winning National Geographic cinematographer Kevin Bachar has swum with sharks, climbed the peaks of mountains, and explored the darkest of forests. In DREAD, he weaves together terrifying true stories from his real-life adventures with twisted fiction from the depths of his frightening imagination. Flip open the pages to indulge in the dark side of nature— haunted forests, tree demons, monstrous snakes, and a search-and-rescue team terrorized by the ghosts of those they couldn’t save.

Read… if you dare.

Kevin Bachar

Kevin Bachar is a national EMMY award-winning natural history documentary filmmaker and WGA writer.  The elevated horror film he wrote – The Inhabitant  – was released through Lionsgate and is available to watch on most streaming services.

If you’ve watched National Geographic, PBS, or The Discovery Channel over the years you’ve seen his work. He’s the idiot in the water filming sharks or crawling into caves to photograph vampire bats. The natural world has always captured his imagination and the supernatural world inspires his stories. Through his journeys, he’s interviewed scientists who’ve enlightened him, heard folk tales that have frightened him, and seen quite a few things that have challenged his skeptical mind.

His collection of short stories that weaves together the natural world and the supernatural world entitled, DREAD, is available on Amazon.

Complimenting his writing, Kevin has lectured and given presentations at prestigious institutions such as Rutgers University, American University, and the Rubin Museum of Art.




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