Tasha Schiedel

May 23, 2023
Horror Book Reviewer Tasha Schiedel

Tasha Schiedel lives in the Southwest corner of Colorado with her husband. She has two adult children in two different countries. She is an avid reader, coffee connoisseur, and cat mom. Her dream is to fill a room full of books to rival her small town library. She works from home as an editor and spends the other hours of the day reading and reviewing books.

Her passion is helping authors reach their personal potential and publishing their dreams. She enjoys many genres; including horror, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, and nonfiction.

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  1. […] C. M. Forest is an excellent author with a vivid imagination. The stories I have read by Forest are always an adventure with lots of horror and suspense. He is a master at pulling you into his stories and keeping the pace all the way up to the end. Any of his books are worthy of your To-Be-Read pile. Make sure you add him to your list.By Tasha Schiedel […]

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