The Top Ten Horror Books of All Time

The Top Ten Horror Books of All Time HORROR FEATURE

The Top Ten Horror Books of All Time are the ten horror books that you think are the best of all time!!

Don’t let others try and tell you that your thoughts and feelings on the horror genre aren’t worthwhile. Others may hate some of the books on your list, but your love for them is perfectly valid. Horror is personal, and horror is for everyone.

(this post is in response to an article from a known edge lord who got uppity when others posted the lists of their favourite horror books). He was and is a tube. Don’t let folk like him bring you down.

Post your favourite horror books in the comments below.

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3 Responses

  1. Tony Earnshaw says:

    The Rats, James Herbert

  2. Tony Tremblay says:

    Swan Song by Robert Macammon.

  3. Dave Jeffery says:

    The Fog by James Herbert would have to feature in my list.

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