Where The Dead Wait by Ally Wilkes: Cover Reveal

Where The Dead Wait by Ally Wilkes: Cover Reveal

The Ginger Nuts of Horror Website is thrilled to present the exclusive cover reveal for Where the Dead Wait, the highly anticipated upcoming novel by the exceptionally talented author Ally Wilkes, who is quickly establishing themselves as a rising star in the literary world.

Keep an eye out for the release (23 Jan. 2024) of Where the Dead Wait, as this is a novel that should not be missed. With its captivating plot, well-developed characters, and haunting atmosphere, it is bound to be a standout addition to the realm of horror literature. Prepare to be thrilled, chilled, and utterly engrossed in this extraordinary work of fiction.

Where The Dead Wait by Ally Wilkes, Synopsis

William Day should be an acclaimed Arctic explorer. But after a failed expedition to find the fabled Open Polar Sea, in which his men only survived by eating their comrades, he returned in disgrace. A cannibal. A murderer.

Thirteen years later, his second-in-command, Jesse Stevens, has gone missing in the same waters. Perhaps this is Day’s chance to restore his tarnished reputation by bringing Stevens – the man who’s haunted his whole life – back home. But when the rescue mission into the frozen wastes becomes an uncanny journey into his own past, Day must face up to the things he’s done.

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Ally Wilkes

Author Bio:
Ally Wilkes grew up in a succession of isolated—possibly haunted—country houses and boarding schools. After studying law at Oxford, she went on to spend eleven years as a criminal barrister. Ally now lives in Greenwich, London, with an anatomical human skeleton and far too many books about Polar exploration. You can follow Ally on Twitter @UnheimlichManvr.

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