Epistolary Horror: Told in Despatches by Lee Murray 0

Epistolary Horror: Told in Despatches by Lee Murray

Discover the allure of epistolary horror, a genre that brings authenticity to storytelling by using letters, diaries, and other documents. Lee Murray explores this captivating form in her works, including her latest cosmic horror novella, Despatches. Don’t miss out on this outstanding historical horror experience.

Bait: A Badgers Crossing by Paul Childs 0

A Review of “Bait: A Badgers Crossing”

Discover the captivating world of Badgers Crossing in Paul Childs’ “Bait: A Badgers Crossing.” With supernatural elements and relatable characters, this novella promises an enchanting adventure. #supernaturalfiction #mustread

Mathew Gostelow 0

Mathew Gostelow

BIOMathew Gostelow (he/him) is a dad, husband, and writer, living in Birmingham, UK. Some days he wakes early and writes strange tales. If you catch him staring into space, he is either thinking about...

The Knocking (2022) 0

The Knocking

Discover the atmospheric horror film, “The Knocking,” directed by Joonas Pajunen and Max Seeck. Follow three siblings as they uncover the dark secrets of their late parents’ house in the eerie forest. Read Mark Walker’s review for a thrilling insight. #HorrorMovies #FilmReview

London Goring: Frightfest 2022 By David and Tara Court 0

London Goring: Frightfest 2023

London Goring: Frightfest 2023 By David and Tara Court The August Bank Holiday can only mean one thing: hordes of ravenous horror fans descending on Leicester Square for the horror movie festival Frightfest, now...