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About The Ginger Nuts of Horror Review Website

Ginger Nuts of Horror And Casper The Wonder Dog

The Ginger Nuts of Horror Review Website, the heart and soul of horror promotion websites, is now entering its fifteenth year of publication. What started out as something to do while on long terms sick from my day job morphed into the massive beast that you see before you.

When I first started this website, I had no idea that it would become, dare I say, an essential part of the horror community. With over 16 nominations from such respected places as the BFS and The HWA for our non-fiction contribution to the horror genre, I am now sitting here writing this about page. Something I thought I would never have to do after 15 years. However, after the vicious cyber attack on the old site, here I am, building everything back from scratch. I won’t lie. It almost broke me. But I am too pig-headed to let something like this break me. And with a new and improved website, we will promote horror better than ever before.

So what is the Ginger Nuts of Horror promotional website?

The Ginger Nuts of Horror is a horror review and promotion website that focuses on reviewing and promoting horror books and movies. With the occasional foray into horror comics and horror games. What started out as a one-man band has grown into a collection of dedicated and talented horror reviewers. The Ginger Nuts of Horror review team is filled to the brim with reviewers who have a passion for horror in all its forms. The success of the old site and this new one is down to their help and tireless work in promoting the genre we all love. If you want a review from one of the team, please drop an email to You can also find more details about the services we provide on our contact page.

What Else Do We Do?

In addition to reviewing horror, we also have a number of other ways to promote horror.
Such as our Five Minute With Interview series. We also offer more comprehensive interviews if you want a more tailored interview to promote your work.

We also have a news feature, which you can use to do stuff such as publication news, appearances or cover reveals.

There is also a series of feature templates, such as the fun Oh No I’m Stuck in a Horror Franchise, where you tell us what happens if you wake up one morning and find that Pinhead or the Wishmaster has dropped in for a visit.

If you have a topic that you are itching to talk about, we also have a guest feature post series. Where you can talk about anything horror related, all we ask is you keep it respectful. The Ginger Nuts of Horror is not a place for edge lords.

Is The Ginger Nuts of Horror a Safe Place?


From its inception, The Ginger Nuts of Horror has always been a safe place. We believe that everyone has a right to a safe place in the genre. It has caused us some heartache over the years and put us in the firing line on more than one occasion. I can’t prove it. However, I believe the cyber-attack was a result of us calling out a couple of nasty abhorrent people. I’ve done it before, and I will keep on doing it. We will never stop promoting authors and creatives for the marginalised sections of the genre.

I have kicked members of the review team from the website for having views that do not sit right with the beliefs of diversity and inclusion.

However, we can do more to promote diversity within the site, and if anyone who is reading this can help us to improve, please drop us an email.

Is The Ginger Nuts of Horror Free?

Yes, while we have a Kofi page, and offer advertising opportunities, The Ginger Nuts of Horror Review Website is a free-to-use website. We do not charge for reviews or features. And in many cases, we purchase our own review copies. I am fully aware of the very tight margins that horror authors, in particular, face. And we will strive to help out as much as we can.

How Can You Help The Ginger Nuts of Horror Review Website?

We need your help now more than ever. Before the cyber attack, Ginger Nuts of Horror ranked number one or at least on the first page for almost any Google search for horror reviews, horror promotion, horror book reviews, etc. We have now lost all of that, which directly affects how effectively we can promote all of the horror creatives we feature. So how can you help?

  • If you have appeared on the site please include a link to the new site on your own website. Outbound links to us will really help rebuild our ranking and authority.
  • Please like, share and retweet our social media posts. A simple like and retweet will get our new site in front of eyes that might not know about the changes to the website.
  • Use the social media buttons at the side of every article and page on the site. This will greatly help with the visibility and ranking on Google as it shows that you are interacting with us.
  • I’m not sure about this one, but I will try everything to get us back up there. Search for us on Google, with phrases like “Horror Book Reviews, GNofHorror”
  • Post about us directly on social media, I know it’s a big ask but a tweet or a Facebook post with a link to our site will be very helpful.

The Heart and Soul of Horror Review Websites

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