Jigglyspot and the Zero Intellect by PD Alleva.

Jigglyspot and the Zero Intellect by PD Alleva.

Review by Tasha Schiedel

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So, I hear you are craving a literary horror story that you want to get lost in and ignore the reality around you. Well, here you go…

“Certain events that we endure… we don’t understand why we go through them when they happen. Not until much later, when reflecting, can we see what the purpose was.”

PD Alleva is becoming one of my most favorite authors in the horror genre. He can write such a phenomenal story that at first, appears daunting due to the size of the book, but it doesn’t feel like a 500+ page story. Oh no, it is easy to devour the words and get lost in his stories and I always crave so much more after finishing one of this stories.

You have got to read Jigglyspot and the Zero Intellect that comes out October 31, 2023. This story is unique and it’ll suck you right in and will leave you begging for more!

Jigglyspot is this short five food warlock and he’s half human – which he hates with a passion. He works in a carnival to hide what he really does for a group of demons. Jigglyspot has been tasked with hosting the annual Summer Solstice Celebration at the Cannibal Cafe. So many obstacles get in his way… but he tries his damndest to make it all work out.

So. Much. Happens.

You get gore, sex, drugs, supernatural, cannibalism, mutilation, kidnapping, and psychological horrors. And so much more.

“You can’t claim to know when you know nothing because you don’t know everything.”

Alleva has managed to put just about every horror sub-genre into this 548 page story of mayhem. He holds nothing back, but it is so elegant and pure that it will make you dance with the evil inside the words and long for an encore.

Hands down, one of the BEST stories I have read in years. I said that about his story Golem; but Jigglyspot…itches that spot that I didn’t realize I had.

Jigglyspot and the Zero Intellect by PD Alleva.

“This is Clive Barker on hallucinogens… Jiggly makes Pennywise seem like a reasonable choice to babysit your children” ~ Musings of the Monster Librarian

Carnivals, Cannibals, and Clowns. Oh My!

Wanna go for a ride?

Meet Jigglyspot, a five-foot tall half human half warlock carnival clown who spends his free time moonlighting as a drug dealing pimp and lackey for demonic entities who prey on the weak and vulnerable, casting their dark shadow across humanity through manipulation, and fear.

Jigglyspot was selected to serve as the event coordinator for 2019’s Summer Solstice Celebration at the prestigious Cannibal Café. A celebration that brings together both demon and human alike. But with less than two weeks before the celebration, Jigglyspot’s got so much to do and little time to do it. And the feds are hot on his tail. Between securing new recruits for demonic possession, choosing fresh bodies to slice and dice for dinner, and the fact that his girlfriend, Kera, is eating up most of his time, Jiggly’s at his wit’s end.

Hopefully, those demons appreciate all his sacrifices. Hopefully, but unlikely. Those demons can be hell to deal with. Jigglyspot knows; he’s been dealing with them for decades.

Will he rise above, or will tragedy and mayhem lead to dire discoveries poisoned with manipulation and betrayal that will ultimately destroy all Jigglyspot holds dear?

Discover Jigglyspot and his cast of clowns, killers, demons, and wretched fiends, in a novel like you’ve never experienced. Horror, mayhem, thrills, chills, fantasy, and spoils are waiting for your reading eyes with an escape into the underworld of mind control and human slavery.

Warning: This book contains scenes with profound psychological suffering, and graphically violent acts, behaviors, thoughts, deeds, and ridicule. No one has been spared, and no label is safe. Although we are proud to report, no animals were harmed during the writing of this novel, so that’s a good thing. Everyone else is fair game. After all, if you were a demon, what would you think of humanity?

Fans of Grady Hendrix, Catriona Ward, Clive Barker, and Stephen King will be captivated by this edge of your seat, eye-popping, wtf horror novel that is certain to be your next addictive read. As they say, you don’t just read Jigglyspot… You DEVOUR Jigglyspot!

Winner of the Literary Titan Gold Book Award and the Artisan Book Reviews Book Excellence Award.

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