Scrylight: An Augmented Reality Ghost Hunt Horror Experience

Sep 25, 2023

Developed by:

Spectropia Studios

Kickstarter Launch :

October 10th 2023.

The Story

In 1842, Occultist Jeremiah Scry wrote his illicit publication ‘The Book of Scry’, his own personal methods of allowing the living to view and interact with the dead through the use of his forbidden illumination techniques and rituals. All in the hope of recording evidence.

Then one day Scry vanished, along with his mysterious book.

Now over 100 years later a forgotten set of Scry’s papers have been recovered, and his ancient light rituals converted into the digital age thanks to the power of augmented reality. Scry’s use of illumination techniques used to summon ghosts now transcribed into a unique signal to be utilised via a smart device’s LED light.

Now using Scry’s lost methods it’s up to you to seek out and attempt to lay the spirits haunting your neighbourhoods to rest. Each ghost will have their own story to tell, and they may well attempt to contact you through your own home smart devices. No two ghosts haunting a location are ever the same. Every ghost will differ depending on their geographical location. Commune with the spirits with your microphone. Some will be playful, others less so. Go on single player hunts or hunt with a team of up to 5 players and capture as much evidence as possible via the Scrylight app and help share their tales.

But beware, some ghosts may not be so eager to go back to their realm and if they get too close, maybe they’ll take you with them.

Take care, keep your smartphone charged and don’t forget your SCRYLIGHT.

Scrylight: An Augmented Reality Ghost Hunt Horror Experience

Scrylight is the next generation of mobile gaming. Utilising ground-breaking, Augmented Reality technology powered by Niantic Lightship (Pokemon Go), players are able to take host their own custom ghost hunts wherever and whenever they choose, with limitless entities.

With gameplay so unsettling, players are kept on edge, allowing them to be immersed into a world which starts to blur the boundaries of what’s real and what isn’t. Literally jump in and turn whatever your environment may be, into a fully immersive terrifying experience utilising cutting edge Augmented Reality technology with full 360 audio. There’s no getting away from the terror.

· Full 360 interaction between ghosts and players via your smart device’s camera and
microphone utilising LLM and NLP for realistic entity interactions!

·  Implementation of our custom ScryEngine powered by Niantic Lightship allowing for infinite, geographical specific, procedural entities.

·  Integrated machine learning agents + computer vision for real time interaction with your environment.

·  Full smart device integration allowing for real world hauntings. Enemies trigger actual smart devices.

·  Full multi-player accessibility for up to 4 players simultaneously

·  Selectable vision modes. Hunt for ghosts in standard, night vision or thermal vision modes.

·  A full expanded storyline following the true guardians of the netherworld ‘The Court of Caligno’ For further info and interviews please contact :
Kickstarter page :

For more information check out the Scrylight website here

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