Oh No Iseult Murphy is Stuck in a Horror World

Oct 5, 2023
Iseult Murphy

You wake up and find yourself in a horror franchise, what franchise would you prefer to wake up in and why?

I wake up to find I’ve been spirit walked again, stumbled through a red door, and now I’m trapped by a demon that looks like a huge parasitic worm that is leeching all my creativity from me. Oh no! I’m in the ‘Insidious’ universe! Meanwhile, my body is wasting away and my family have contacted Tucker and Specs, who now work with Imogen, Elise’s niece who shares her aunt’s talents.

With the help of the team, and Elise’s spirit, who contacts me in the Further, I’m able to defeat Leechface and return to my body. I write a book about my experiences and it becomes an instant bestseller!

I love the ‘Insidious’ franchise, especially the third and fourth movies that focused on Elise. I would love to see another movie with Elise, Specs and Tucker, and hopefully Imogen as well. Perhaps Elise’s husband also battled Leechface (and sadly lost), and there could be flashbacks to the days of their marriage when he used to draw beautiful pictures.

You find yourself as the “Final One” which monster / villain would you most like to go up against ands why do you think you would survive? 

Zombies, but they’d have to be slow moving George A Romero zombies. I’m very good at impersonating a zombie, so I could fool the walking dead that I was one of them. My archery skills would let me silently pick them off from the roof of my fortified hideout. Stubbornness would keep me alive while I waited for the zombies to fall to pieces. I’m also good at training animals, so I’d mobilize an army of dogs and cats to sweep the knee and knock the zombies over. Give it 5 – 10 years and I think I’d have defeated them all.

And which creature would you least like to go up against? 

The xenomorphs from Alien. They took down Ellen Ripley, I don’t stand a chance. They’re fast, strong, intelligent, work in packs, and have acid for blood. I’d hate to be cocooned. I think that would almost be worse than having an alien burst out of your chest. Imagine hanging there, unable to move, waiting for the egg to hatch and release a face hugger. It would be so terrifying.

You find yourself in Scooby Doo, which character are you, and who would most like to have as the other members of Mystery Inc?

I’d be Scooby. Well, I’d probably be Scrappy Doo. The annoying know it all who everyone hates. Either way, I’d be a dog, and I’d get to eat. My german shepherd dog, Hans, would have made a wonderful Scooby. He was so intelligent, and he was brave and loved adventures. I’d have horror writer Rami Ungar on the team. He knows about ghosts, and he wouldn’t be fooled by some janitor in a latex mask. Chef Cherish Finden would be a valuable addition, because not only would she make delicious and beautiful Scooby snacks, she’s also a black belt in Taekwondo. Horror author Catherine McCarthy is no stranger to spooky places, and she’s very knowledgeable, so she would help with solving the mysteries. Finally, I’ll go with a fictional character to round out the team. Angel, the vampire with a soul, would be good to have around if we met any actual monsters. 

Pinhead pops round for an evening of fun, what are you pains and pleasures?

He brings pizza but he won’t let me eat it. Oh! The pain! To see and smell the delicious pie, but not be able to taste. The torture!

The Wishmaster gives you three wishes

1.  You can wish to write in any franchise
2. You can wipe one franchise from the minds of everyone
3. You can date your horror crush

What do you chose?

I chose dating Ash from the original Evil Dead movies (and tv show). Having a chainsaw for a hand would be so useful in the garden. I wouldn’t let him read to me, though. He’s got into trouble doing that in the past.

Gone But Not Forgotten: A Spooky Halloween Haunting by Iseult Murphy 

Gone But Not Forgotten: A Spooky Halloween Haunting Kindle Edition
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It’s been one year since Bill found his wife, Donna, dead in the bath. When his neighbor, Mere, agrees to keep him company on the first anniversary of Donna’s death, he thinks he might get through Halloween in one piece after all.

Except Donna is back, and she’s not happy to find Bill with another woman.

How far is the gulf between good and evil? Between life and death? Find out in this spooky Halloween haunting.

Gone But Not Forgotten.

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Iseult Murphy

Iseult Murphy

Iseult Murphy is a chronically ill multi-genre author from Ireland. Her writing combines dark themes with humor to entertain and bring a new perspective on the complexities of life. She has published several books and her short fiction has appeared in over thirty publications, including Creepy Podcast and Cosmic Crime Stories. Find out more about her and her writing at https://iseultmurphy.com/ or follow her on Twitter @AuthorIseult.

Social media links:

website: https://iseultmurphy.com/

twitter: @AuthorIseult

bluesky: @authoriseult.bsky.social

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